2016. március 6., vasárnap

Cyrus EA v. 1.5 build 3 Best EA Robots

Cyrus EA v. 1.5 build 3

Baggage of new features and improvements is include:
- a lot of improvements in trading algorithms
- at least a half of source code was rewritten
- complete re-optimization by using a new approach to this procedure
- added new control parameters:
    *Strategy 1 - on/off first trading strategy
    *Max orders for 1 strategy
    *Strategy 2 - on/off second trading strategy
    *Max orders for 2 strategy
    *Strategy 3 - on/off third trading strategy
    *Max orders for 3 strategy
    *Strategy 4 - on/off fourth trading strategy
    *Max orders for 4 strategy
    *UseProfitLimits - if "true" the adviser will use market take profit with internal exit algorithm, if "false" then adviser will set "safety" valve of TP (in about 70.0 points) and close the orders only by internal algorithm.
- some small changes in indication etc.

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