2018. június 2., szombat

Forex Robot (Live) Results of one week - table - review, win ea: ? It is a surprise for me! And price discount!!

BestEARobots.com - Forex Robot (Live) Results of one week:

28.05.201801.06.2018DrawdownProfit/ Week
XXL Forex Real ProfitLoss509486,360-4,44%
Wall Street EvolutionLoss106710430-2,24%
Happy GoldLoss2339082323000-0,68%
EOS Forex EA-2409242300,58%
Best Scalper -6808682900,30%
FX Shutter Stock EAWIN1789184403,07%
Happy News-3752378300,82%
Forex Cyborg Robot-47744784-150,20%

fx shutter stock ea
Safe EA! Live Account!
- 20% OFF. (Discount End: 06.06.2018)
FX Shutter Stock EA is an innovative FX Expert Advisor created by professional traders, which has been put into action hundreds and hundreds of times, successfully generating unlimited profits over and over again.
FX Shutter Stock EA trading system is characterized by stable profits and low drawdown. One of its advantages is that it uses reinsurance positions (grid strategy) without increasing of lots (no martingale). It also uses technical analysis (indicator) for safe entry into the market. Has various options and settings is not blocked to only one currency pair. This Forex Robot works with any broker with max. 4 pips spread.
You can setup it easily within minutes, simple to activate. Built in money managements settings, newbie and experienced traders friendly. You get full support and the FX Shutter Stock EA team is always ready to help you!..
fx shutter stock ea off

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