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Forester Forex EA Review - New forex robot

Forester Forex EA Review ! Very wrong! Dangerous strategy! High Drawdown ! Link and account result: https://bestearobots.com/EN/Forester-Forex-EA

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FX Helix EA Review - demo vs live

FX Helix EA Review – Very Good

Price: 210 USD
Timeframe: Any
Currency pairs: AUDUSD
Money Back Guarantee

  • Works with the AUDUSD pair on ANY time frame and ANY FX brokerage
  • Uses special algorithms for opening and closing trades for long-term profit
  • Will automatically calculate the lots and limit the possible drawdown
  • It’s an easy to install MT4 trading software with an intuitive interface
  • The creators will give you full support until you master your solution
FX Helix Live

FX Helix EA Demo VS FX Helix Live

Live: Balance: $9074 - lot: 0.40   / $226 = 0,01 Lot/
Demo: Balance $1036 - Lot: 0,01 Default EA setting
Rate Balance/Lot  - Good? No.  Why? Risk Limit = 35
Demo EA Set:

FXHelix EA setting

Oxygen - Best EA in 2019

Oxygen - Best EA in 2019 


Forex Robot (Live) Results of one 2019-29 week

Forex Robot (Live) Results of one 2019-29 week - https://bestearobots.com/EN/Forex-Robot-Live-Results-of-one-2019-29-wee

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