Monday, March 14, 2016

Tokamato 2.0

Tokamato New in ver. 2.0 Best Safe Robot. Live Account.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Mega Project - Over

Mega Project  - VENDORS LIVE ACCOUNT RESULTS - Crash - 2016.03.10

Driver Gold - Real account
"This question must ping your mind. Let me get an answer for you !
Gold is known to be the most precious of metals. Gold may be an asset against economical crisis. When the market is declining or in time of inflation, national debt, war and social unrest and in currency failure; gold can be your harbor. Just like other markets, the gold market also works on speculation. The prices of gold has observed to have a correlation with the prices of crude oil.
It's as simple as saying 'Gold' !"

Easy Walker EA, ver. 6.2.0

Easy Walker EA, ver. 6.2.0. new version - 
Start IC Markets

1.        We added buttons that allow a fast adjustment of the trading risks (without entering the settings of the EA). When the setting UseButtons = TRUE is applied, three clickable buttons appear in the top-right corner of the chart.
Each button shows the value of the risk divider (adjusted in the settings by RiskDiv1, RiskDiv2, RiskDiv3). When a button is pressed, EA recalculates the trading lot by applying the selected risk divider. The actual trading lot is displayed in the information panel of the EA. One can press several buttons; their risk divider will be combined together.
Attention: after restart of the terminal, the buttons are released; the selected risk dividers are cancelled.

2.       New adjustable settings are introduced: the font size in the information panel (comment_fontsize) and the distance between the lines (comment_lineheight).

Forex Real Profit EA

"Forex Real Profit EA" -new forex robot real & demo account.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Tycoon Forex Robot -

Tycoon Forex Robot -

No need to stress out to make money out of Forex! Here is the new tested
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Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cyrus EA v. 1.5 build 3 Best EA Robots

Cyrus EA v. 1.5 build 3

Baggage of new features and improvements is include:
- a lot of improvements in trading algorithms
- at least a half of source code was rewritten
- complete re-optimization by using a new approach to this procedure
- added new control parameters:
    *Strategy 1 - on/off first trading strategy
    *Max orders for 1 strategy
    *Strategy 2 - on/off second trading strategy
    *Max orders for 2 strategy
    *Strategy 3 - on/off third trading strategy
    *Max orders for 3 strategy
    *Strategy 4 - on/off fourth trading strategy
    *Max orders for 4 strategy
    *UseProfitLimits - if "true" the adviser will use market take profit with internal exit algorithm, if "false" then adviser will set "safety" valve of TP (in about 70.0 points) and close the orders only by internal algorithm.
- some small changes in indication etc.